We have many expectations in our daily lives. Do they come from within ourselves? Or from others? Do these expectations match our abilities? Are they connected to challenges, dreams or wishes in work or our life situations? What can we do to reduce the gap in expectations?

Expectations is an exhibition created and conceived by the Young Artist Collective from Skimstone Arts, a multi-disciplinary artist led organisation in collaboration with BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Changemakers and Dark Bunny Productions.

The exhibition is a diverse collection of individual young artists responses to the theme and includes; photography, film, illustration, creative writing and sound compositions.

The young artists were supported by lead artists from Skimstone Arts.



First exhibited
BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
4th April 2012

Newcastle Arts Centre
27th April – 18th May 2012

Gallery E101, Northumbria University
14th June to 12th July 2012

Commission / Funders
Northern Rock Foundation, Community Foundation, Newcastle City Council, Arts Award, Alumni Fund at Northumbria University