Fish & The Yesterday Song

Fish & The Yesterday Song is a live performance interweaving poetic memories and mythical tales with stunning projections and soundscapes. Humorous, haunting, magical and mysterious. This contemporary performance piece with original sound, film and live performance, is inspired by artistic collaborations between Skimstone and both young and older participants from Newcastle and South Tyneside.


Commissioned by Helix Arts, the film and photographic exhibition of the Fish & The Yesterday Song, premiered at The Customs House ArtsCentre, South Shields to an amazing audience response, prompting further dialogue between its creators and leading to Skimstone exploring; Who holds dominion – the ocean or humanity? What does the ocean offer and what do we treasure? Who remembers the song of the sea?




First performance
Queens Hall, Hexham
Washington Arts Centre,
King Edward’s School
Beech Street Care Home
Father James Walsh Centre
Sunderland Minster
Culture Lab, Newcastle University

Funded by
Arts Council England