Louder than Words

A landmark event in exposing and amplifying the voices of the silenced generation, LOUDER than Words…celebrated and showcased the Young Artist Collective’s ongoing exploration of the Rights for Young Adults.

Driven by Skimstone Arts’ very own ‘Manifesto for Young Adults’, the event harnessed the power of sound, music and, art to showcase their frustrations about the current attitudes towards Young People, as well as their hopes, desires and aspirations for the future.


Audience Feedback

“Jean and I were really impressed by the event – your group are creative, determined and positive people. We also realise how strong the use of collage is in visual arts works that carry a message. In fact the range of media used was very broad and well done – it would have easily kept its place at an art college student exhibition. Can you please pass on our congratulations to everyone involved.”
– Steve and Jean Chettle (Artists)

“What a treat that was!”

“Wow! Strong and fragile – worked perfectly. Keep it going! Thanks!”

“A better now’ – that phrase is with me. Thanks!”

“I loved the performance and really enjoyed the singing”

“From far to now, wow, what a get together, you’ve all come a long way”

“From hearing pieces from the office block – I can hear the hard work and enthusiasm. Well done!”

“A great experience – such talent”

“Great performance”

“I was blown away”

“Well played dudes!” (Narbi from Details)

“Wowwy, it was great”

“The phenomenal growth and creativity of Skimstone’s young artists is a force to be reckoned with!”

“Inspired, a great creative experience, original and important”

“Wonderful show, songs and pictures. I was moved!”

“Fantastic music”

“What fantastic energy”

“Good luck to all of you”

“That was AMAZING”

“Superb performance with integrity. Great.”

“Sounded very professional, put your point across powerfully. Interesting ideas, 

provoking much thought.”

“Really well done everyone! You all did a great job of looking calm and professional doing something very brave”

Participant Feedback

“Better than you expected, because in practice we always made takes especially in Moonchild, but it all came together and was perfect on the night. Performing actually felt like proper performing. It felt amazing”
– Ryan (bass guitar)

“Our LOUDER than words…performance went brilliant. As a singer myself I was nervous but got into it. This performance was outstanding and went ten times better than the last. I actually felt like people thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did I”
– Kyle (vocals)

“Everybody exceeded expectations”
– Tom (piano)

“I was bringing people into the event as I believed it was well worth seeing”
– Stuart

“I was in the audience, everyone on the stage looked like they were having a good time so it made the audience have a good time”
– Becca

“The event went well, there were a few hiccups with the set list but other than that I enjoyed it”
– Carlene (vocals)

“On the day of our gig I enjoyed playing on the stage and performing our new songs for our audience and Chris led the band really well and everyone was in time with each other. I liked it when Zoe Gilby opened the gig for us and said a little speech.”
– Darren (bass guitar)




Gateshead Old Town Hall for Juice Festival

Black Swan Theatre

Newcastle Arts Centre