Soul I.D

SOUL I.D explores our identity and asks how are we are influenced by ever developing design and technological advances, what choices do we still have as individuals? Research included visits to the Cyborg Exhibition at Discovery Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne, Castle Keep and Jesmond Cemetery.

SOUL I.D consists of three artworks including;

Soul I.D – Peter Douglass
This work expresses the thought stream of a young person’s relationship to technology and today’s projection of what we should wear.

Inside Leanne – Justine Clerkson
A gold dress, found in her grandmother’s attic inspired this work to explore the inner voice of who we are today, has it changed over the decades?

Temperal Realisation – Lumo
Video footage of rotating robotic entities from Cyborg Futures Exhibition influenced this work to question the relentless stream of change and innovation on our lives.


First performance
Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne
Commission / Funders
Tyne and Wear Care Alliance, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear