Teaside – a Travelling Tearoom

As part of the BBC/Arts Council England’s national project Made in England  Skimstone performers have created a distinctive and intimate theatrical experience in their cozy mobile tearoom. Here at the big Tea Party Rose, Alberto, and Bill continue to lead members of the public into a world of funny, bizarre and poignant tales about what it’s like to be in England, whilst encouraging audience members to share and record their own real life stories.

Tea Side celebrates the sharing of a story, the value of interaction, a tea moment of intimacy, where art and the public have a true sense of equality, as the public become part of the construction of the artwork, exploring themes of what it’s like to be in England.


Performance venues
Hartlepool, Darlington, Stockton, Guisborough, Bishop Auckland
Commission / Funders
BBC Tees, Made in England, Arts Council England