Timemouth Station

Timemouth Station was performed as part of a commissioned programme, for the national Diamond Jubilee Event at Tynemouth Station. The performance was written and devised by Claire Webster Saaremets after a year long residency of collecting stories from a wide range of public with Tim Dalling as the ‘Thought Collectors.

Come and meet five characters who depart on a life-changing journey, at a single moment in time, at Tynemouth station. Their worlds connect within 30 minutes leading each of them to travel in a new direction. Timemouth Station is a performance piece inspired by stories collected during the last few months by The Thought Collectors – Claire Webster Saaremets and Tim Dalling from Skimstone Arts. In exchange for a song and a ‘penny for a thought’, they collected tales and memories, past and present from members of the public, who traveled through or work at the station,fought to save it, live or go to school nearby.

How can the timing of daily events and moments such as a missed train, a stranger’s arrival, the meeting of fellow travelers affect our own journeys in life, at somewhere as historic as Tynemouth station?



First performance
Timemouth Station

Funded by
North Tyneside Council